C.O.B. Tuesday Ep. 36 – Europe: Understanding What’s Happening “Over There”

Last week the markets were rocked by the news that Europe was going back into lockdown … at least in France, Germany and the UK. We got to thinking about the energy macro in Europe … not just because of the lockdowns, but also because of all the talk of the energy transition that comes out of Europe. So we went hunting for two great guests in the TPH friends network.

Wow did we get lucky!

We had two great guests join us from London: Dr. Paula Franklin, Chief Medical Officer of Bupa and Elvis Pellumbi, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of CF Partners. Paula sees everything happening at BUPA (the British United Provident Association) – the UK based health insurer and provider to over 33 million people globally. Elvis oversees investment in energy, commodities and infrastructure at CF Partners and has focused on renewables of late. Overall, Paula and Elvis gave us a great sense of all things Europe … from lockdowns to markets to governments.

To kick things off, Mike Bradley gave an energy market update and Colin Fenton shared a presentation on current European COVID data and market indices to help frame the discussion.

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