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FIFTY8 / Esoteric Symbolism in Storytelling

Welcome to my new series about the esoteric symbolism in storytelling.

This series will give deeper insight into the creativity behind storytelling based upon the myth of our life force, our energy that came down and took upon itself matter.

These stories are about each of us and the raising of energy and evolution back up to the crown, enlightenment.

These stories are so powerful because they speak to our subconscious and create a feeling that reminds us of who we are. As a filmmaker myself, I’ve always loved the creativity and collaborative adventure of constructing a story, because it is similar to constructing personal reality.

Today I will talk about the film Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan.

This film along with Contact and 2001 Space Odyssey is about the Science of Creation, also known as manifestation.

The space suits represents the human body as it is the home of our consciousness and energy. The concept of space represents the Mind as the Mind lives in the future with all its dreams and aspirations. Earth represents the past and matter, our physical existence in the body which connects to Earth with its 5 senses.

This film also incorporates a lot of esoteric knowledge about the this New Age of Magnetism or Aquarian Age and symbolizes references to the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness and energy.

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