Celestine Star | Galactic Ambassador | Portal to Ascension 2020

Celestine Star at Portal to Ascension 2020 Online Conference. A 5 day summit intended to shift the paradigm on earth to one of empowerment and unity consciousness. We are going live every day until the end of 2020 with a different speaker from the PTA Summit.

Celestine Iisha Star Founder/Director of Galactic Earth Council, 2010 has been a Ultraterrestrial and Heavenly Emissary for over 40 years offering galactic wisdom and knowledge worldwide to private groups and individuals.

She has been guided by the Heavenly High Spiritual Council, as an ambassador, to assist in the “Reintegration” of Earth’s humanity with our benevolent Ultraterrestrial ancestors, Star Kin.

#Empowerment #Consciousness #Metaphysical #Multidimensional #Ascension #Unity #SpiritualAwakening

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