Rebar vs Helix Micro Rebar: The only code approved alternative

Rebar is an imperfect concrete reinforcement that the construction industry has normalized. There’s only one official alternative: HelixⓇ Micro Rebar™. It’s a one-inch steel rod twisted, combined with thousands of others and mixed with concrete to create a far-superior concrete reinforcement.

Let’s take a closer look at five ways that HelixⓇ Micro Rebar™ makes better concrete.

It’s stronger, with five times the tensile strength of rebar and a double-digit increase in modulus of rupture.

It cuts labor costs. By pre-mixing with concrete, HelixⓇ Micro Rebar™ requires no rebar installation.

It shortens schedules. Less time spent with rebar means days and often weeks of savings.

It makes your jobsite safer. Cleaner product to handle, and no back-breaking weight.

It reduces cracks. HelixⓇ Micro Rebar™ is designed to stop cracks, before they even start.

Eager to learn more about the only code-approved alternative to rebar? Read our article comparing rebar with HelixⓇ Micro Rebar™ right now.

Rebar vs. Helix® Micro Rebar™: The Ultimate Showdown

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