Armenia shares video of attack on Azerbaijani military convoy

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia has posted on social media a new short video of an attack on an Azerbaijani military convoy in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenian military have released a video they say shows a deadly attack on an Azerbaijani military convoy composed of infantry fighting vehicles and military trucks.

Some sources claim that the video shows a convoy of Azerbaijani BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles trying to break through damaged Armenian military trucks.


Armenia’s Defense Ministry posted the video online on 27 September.

The governments of both countries reported action with tanks, military helicopters and artillery in a rapid escalation of a long-simmering conflict.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said earlier on the same day that Armenia had launched large-scale attacks against its civilians and military, with Baku launching a retaliatory operation along the “contact line” – a heavily-mined no-man’s-land that separates Armenian-backed forces from Azerbaijani troops in the region.

The president said that the fallen among Azerbaijan’s civilians and military would be avenged and that Azerbaijan would defend its territory.

In a televised address to the nation, Aliyev vowed victory over Armenian forces.

“Our cause is just and we will win,” Aliyev said, repeating a famous quote from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s address at the outbreak of World War II with Nazi Germany.

“Azerbaijani army is fighting on its territory,” he said.

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