Guest Actors line up for AvatarJo’s GP trainee event

We are pleased to announce our Guest Actors for our GP trainee event.
The actors involved are:
Christopher Eccleston, Tyler Luke Cunningham, Nicola Thorp, Jo Martin, Steven Cree and many more to follow!

The #findtherightwords Free Trainee Event is helping trainee GPs to qualify after the original exam was postponed due to COVID-19. The exam, which previously would involve working with actors in a room playing patients, is no longer possible and a new via video assessment has taken its place. A stellar cast of TV and film actors are stepping up to play a whole range of roles, from breaking bad news and mental health scenarios, to more routine patient consultations. All sessions will take place via video call and embrace the ‘new normal’ for a digitised NHS. Many trainee GPs went back to the frontline to help save lives and have literally put their lives on hold until now.

To discover which celebrity actors will be joining the #findtherightwords event next, go to, or follow AvatarJo Medical on all the usual social media channels. Let’s help the next generation of NHS doctors #findtherightwords.

Event page where you can find regular updates of whose involved:
Website where you can donate or sponsor, make actor enquires or sign up to the event:

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