Bethel Members on Mission with Prison Inmates (04/19/2015)

Write-Way Ministries exists to offer a curriculum of English and Spanish Bible correspondence courses, free, postpaid, and volunteer graded, to every incarcerated person in Texas and Louisiana. To secure a student’s salvation (evangelism); and to develop Christian character and maturity in each student using Bible correspondence studies (discipleship). For 32 years Write-Way Prison Ministries has been confronting the spiritual dearth in our Texas prisons with free Bible correspondence courses. Twelve years ago we added the inmates and prisons of Louisiana. We currently serve more than 8,000 students through more than 340 volunteers in 30 branches across the state. But the Lord is challenging us to an even greater harvest. The message of the Good News of Christ is the only hope for these confined ones.

Bethel has served in this ministry since 1999 and is one the 30 branches across Texas that grades the correspondence courses and provides encouragement, counseling about Biblical truths and discipleship. Bethel currently has 24 counselors that grade 2 to 4 lessons each per week, spending 2 to 3 hours. New lessons are received from students each week and distributed to the graders, who return them the following Sunday. These graded / commented lessons are recorded and mailed directly back to the students.

These counselors include Flora Adams, Alicia Gelnett, Martha Letzerich, Cathy Oliver, Betty Simpson, Michael Bednorz, Bettye Callier, Brian & Sganarelle Carnahan, Mary Kay Coleman, Sharon Currans, Nancy Eason, Bill Fry, Louise Lewis, Molly Midkiff, John & Cathy Shannon, Sam Sims, Linda Smith, Ralph (Chairman) & Gwen Spaugh, Candy Tamm, & Janice Wilhelm. Be sure to reach out to them if you want to know more of what’s involved and whether you feel called to join their ranks.

For those who would like to serve in this ministry; reaching out to encourage prisoners that are learning to draw closer to God and to those seeking redemption, contact Ralph Spaugh ([email protected]) or Sharon Currans ([email protected]).

As Paul reminded Timothy, “….the Word of God is not imprisoned.”

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