Emma Green’s Video Reel

View a collection of my favorite clips.

0:01 Spirit Fest in Gainesville

0:02-0:05 White Nationalist Richard Spencer Protest at UF – Full video: https://vimeo.com/240764042

0:05-0:10 Keith Cross choreography covered for Gainesville Sun

0:10-0:18 Clifford Steele: Meeting His Friends In The Heavens – Watch the full video: https://vimeo.com/240771376

0:18-0:21 Zoo Miami

0:21-0:26 S-Connection Aerial Arts

0:26-0:38 UF student attempts to break world record of most hugs given in a minute – See the full story: https://www.alligator.org/news/campus/uf-student-attempts-to-break-world-record-of-most-hugs/article_4c7b1a8a-8382-11e6-8f72-3f9e9a6bec59.html

0:38-0:49 Spirit Fest shot with a 360° camera

0:49-0:54 Richard Spencer protest covered for Washington Post (see link above)

0:54-0:58 S-Connection Aerial Arts at Country Circus in Williston

0:58-1:02 Skydiver Clifford Steele (see link above)

1:02-1:05 Know Where Coffee closing in Gainesville

1:05-1:11 SwampCon covered for Gainesville Sun full video: https://vimeo.com/277888134, photos: https://www.gainesville.com/photogallery/LK/20170114/PHOTOGALLERY/114009993/PH/1

1:11-1:22 Spirit Fest

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