ICAP Charity Day 2019

Role: Same Day Editor for Media News Outlets Worldwide
Credit: GNA Films (Director/Producers and Editors of this long-form piece)

Info from GNA Website regarding this video. All rights GNA Films.

The internationally renowned ICAP Charity Day is a global fundraiser that has helped over 2,300 charities worldwide raise £150 million over 27 years. This truly dazzling event packed with Hollywood stars, celebrities and royalty makes a massive impact on a wide variety of important causes.

GNA Films has had the pleasure of producing and directing the annual film for 8 years in a row. Our film crews in Singapore, New York, and London capture the magic all on one day. From conception to completion, we work tirelessly to deliver a film that tells the amazing story of ICAP Charity Day.

We also provide a whole range of additional content for ICAP’s website.

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