Ethiopians celebrating the victory of Adwa

The Adwa was celebrated in the spotlight of the father and mother of the patriots , representatives of the Addis Ababa city government and many local residents in Addis Ababa’s Menilik Square

At the ceremony, veterans presented the festival with a shout-out (shelela) and fukera.

In a message delivered at the ceremony, ‘leg’ Daniel Jote, the chairman of the Association of Heroes in Ethiopia, said that the victory of Adwa in Ethiopia has gone beyond itself.

He said that the country is facing a very difficult time now.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abby Ahmed also sent a message to the entire Ethiopian people yesterday regarding the Adwa victory celebration.

In his message, Prime Minister Dr. Abby said, “Awareness is a great resource that we can use for the prosperity of our generation.
Adwa is a story that shows that of Ethiopians are one and many; we have our own identity, in terms of culture, language, nationality, politics, faith. We struggle for this identity to find the right place in our country, and we struggle”