The Ethiopian National Reconciliation Team called for an urgent meeting on the US position on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Ethiopian National Reconciliation Team called for an urgent meeting on the US referendum on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
The US-Ethiopia Renaissance National Reconciliation Group is set to hold an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to take a position on the decision of the United States, Sudan and Egypt.

According to a statement issued by the US Department of the Treasury on the principle of no water damage should happen to the lower riparian countries, the ministry said in a statement “pre-emptive refilling of the dam should not be done without agreement.”

In a statement, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the agreement should be signed before the country can start filling the dams in accordance with previous agreements. The US official said that it would like to sign the agreement as soon as possible and complete the negotiation process as soon as possible.

Prior to the implementation of the dam, he indicated that the lower riparian countries are aware of the threat posed by the Nile Basin and Sudan, as all necessary security measures have been implemented.

In the statement, US Treasury Minister Steven Mnuchin also observed bilateral and bilateral talks with Egypt and Sudan’s foreign ministers.

For months, the United States has stressed that it wants the negotiations on the Grand Renaissance between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to be resolved quickly. The statement also states that it has spent the preparation of the treaty document, and that the World Bank has made input on the technical issues of the document.

Sudan and Egypt, both in the non-partisan Washington forum, have expressed their views on the agreement regarding bilateral talks with the US and the World Bank. The statement said that it believed that the United States’ actions in the past four months have led to an agreement that covers all issues related to the Renaissance Dam. The US Department of Water, Irrigation and Energy announced that Ethiopia will not participate in the negotiations for the Grand Renaissance Dam in Washington, DC.