Caleb Meakins has passed away this afternoon.

Caleb Meakins who is a social entrepreneur and businessman has passed away this afternoon from a car accident of February 20 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The GoFund me page that was set up to support his medical cost wrote “He has experienced a severe head injury but to what extent this has impacted his function was not known yet.”

He has skull fractures on the left side and back of his head as well as one on his first cervical vertebrae (1st neck bone). He has also had issues with his lungs, both of which have collapsed at different times. ” It also menthions that he had two sergeries to close up his open skull fractures.

The site also methions that the accident happened when Caleb was on his way to catch a flight to London.

Caleb Meakins passed away on Feb 28 at 17:40pm in the afternoon.

Caleb is half Ethiopian, half British. He was a founder and a Director at Rala Media media which is an agency specialised in strategy and content production in Ethiopia.

Our news staff send condolences to his family.

Here is a tribute video for Caleb Meakins