Breaking:Local authorities say people were killed in Bench Maji zone protest

In a protest in the woreda of Magi capital, Tum , six people were killed by gunfire but security officials say only two people have died.
Eyewitnesses say more than ten people were shot in a protest.

The head of the medical institute told DW that six people were killed by gunfire in protests today in the southern city of Magi district of Tum. Local officials and eyewitnesses also confirmed that more than ten people were wounded in addition to the people who were shot dead by security forces.

The protest took place in protest against the arrest of the deputy director of the Maji district in the newly formed West Omo zone. Eye witnesses say “Eleven people were shot by bullet, of those, three are women. There are adults and babies too,”

“When there is a parade the roads will be closed, and military and special force came as the road closed. Then they started firing without indiscriminately to the people in the area, ”explained the source.

The former Bench Maji Zone was established in April 2011 by the former Maji district, after the dissolution of the zone.

Local authorities have confirmed to DW that the Bench Maji Zone has been divided into two zones of West Omo and Bench Sheko and that the zones have been operational.