The termination of the lawsuit has implications for national unity and change

In a press release yesterday, the federal prosecutor announced that 63 suspects have been cleared in connection with the METEC, Somali, Benishangul-Gumuz and Sidama regions, as well as people related with June 15 incident.

It was cleared not because the suspects had any evidence that they were not involved in the alleged crime, but that they were involved in expanding the political space, considering the merits of national unity and the change that started, and that they had less involvement in the crime.

One of the residents of Addis Ababa who spoke to the Addis Zemen about the abduction of the suspects has said “Law is always a teacher; action on the guilty helps others learn the law.”

They say that the clearance of the suspects was not only useful for the country and the people but also for the purpose of national unity and the change that started.

He also added that while the administration was doing something that had been done before by the government and that it was nothing new, the clearance would mean that the charges would be dropped when they could control themselves again so that they won’t go into destruction again.

He said the government is going through the motions of bringing the country to peace, and that they should be at the forefront of the nation’s ongoing prosperity, peace, love and unity.

For his part, people are kept under the shadow of the law in order to uphold the rule of law in order to correct their bad behavior. Still, the suspects who have been released by the government have spent time looking at things carefully and evaluating themselves.

He said there are many people who still need to be imprisoned in light of what is happening in the country.

Referring to the fact that the release of these suspects encourages other offenders, it is their choice to join the community if they regret their actions and apologize to the government for their crimes, he said.

The government’s forgiveness to these suspects has the potential to strengthen national unity and to continue the reforms, and warns that it should close the gap in compliance with the law itself.

He said the decision to release these suspects in the wake of prosecution is not encouraging lawlessness but rather about tolerance and forgiveness. The young resident, who says many people may be suspected in a criminal case, said that it is important to look at their level of wrongdoing as it may vary depending on their involvement.

According to the youth, even if no one was found guilty of any of the crimes, the government should teach them the rule of law by offering moral compensation rather than dismissing them as innocent. It is to be thought that the release of bodies that have corrupted the economy of the country, committed corruption, committed murder and caused conflict among the people at this time, exacerbates the current situation of the country.

The government’s disclosure of suspects who have been released on suspicion of having no part in the crime is an indication of its commitment to expand the political space and to continue the reform. He says the suspects who are freed must use the opportunity to distance themselves from crime and to compensate the people and the government for their example.


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