Ermias Amalga is still in prison

Yesterday Ethiopia has announced it would release dozens of high-profile prisoners from jail, including opposition activists held over an alleged coup and other high-ranking government critics.

To this effect, Dr. Abiy let many politicians from the previous ruling party TPLF that were suspected of corruption. He also let a few other opposition party activists like Christian Tadele. The investigations had been dropped against 63 individuals in total. And one of the innocent business man was Ermias Amalga and until a few minutes ago, our information is that he is still in prison.

rosecutors dropped demand for settlement payment 

Ethiopia news understands that After a second meeting held between prosecutors and the defence team today, which ended a short while ago, prosecutors have dropped their demands against Ermias Amelga and have agreed to issue a letter to the Federal High Court 15th Criminal Bench stating their decisions to terminate the trial of Ermias. Source: Addis Standard 


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