PM Abiy Ahmed attended the National Voluntary Service Program in the African Union Hall.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed attended the National Voluntary Service Program launch event held in the African Union Hall That Afternoon.
In his comments, Prime Minister Abiy shared with the anchoring principle of altruism inherent in voluntary support. He called upon the youth to fully partake in the application and think about the skills that they will develop as base skills for a lifetime.
He cautioned childhood to exploit their energy to productive functions and employ wisdom in their own deadlines, being discerning in how time is spent and energy has been expended, focusing exclusively on favorable deeds.
In another news, the folks throughout the nation continue to demonstrate support rallies in certain areas of the nation.
Adama, Ambo, Batu and Bale are one of the cities in which colourful and peaceful rallies were also underway.


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