Burayu Police Commissioner Shot Dead

The Police Commissioner of Burayu sub city, Solomon Tadesse, was shot dead by unknown gunmen. The Police Commissioner was murdered on Friday in the city of the Oromia regional country, about 12km west of Addis Ababa.

Tesfaye Dinku, Commander of this Liyu police force for particular zones surrounding Addis Ababa town, who had been with himwas hurt by the gunmen also.

It isn’t clear who carried out the assault and no suspect was apprehended up to now, Oromia regional communicating agency head Getachew Balcha has stated to ethiopia news.

According to the communication mind, the attack had been completed while both police officers were having lunch together close to the office of town government.

Critics say the killing of the police commissioner and higher level officials stipulates the government’s poor safety administration.

The present health state of the police commander Tesfaye Dinku is still unknown.

The governing party headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seems to be on effort for reelection even though the election campaign period hasn’t begun per the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) guidelines.

A few of the slogans held by the demonstrators read as”We encourage Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed; We encourage the vision of Prosperity Party; We oppose these forces that are plotting to prevent the continuing political reforms in the nation.”

“Prosperity Party for allfor your Prosperity Party and Unity for Peace and Prosperity,” were a few of those slogans held up from the demonstrators.

In a similar development, the Gedeo Zone Council unanimously accepted a statehood petition forward to it from its own democracy and decent governance position committee.

The approval comes after a comprehensive study was conducted and talks were held with all the individuals of Gedeo zone, Yemisrach Gemeda, speaker of the council has stated.

Thus, the statehood petition is known as the regional parliament which then would refer the case to the House of Federation.

Thus far, over ten statehood requests are called the House of Federation, and all stay pending following the Sidama zone referendum to get statehood has been approved.