the unfair game of politics in Ethiopia

The Tigrayan People Libration Front or in short TPLF has staged a huge ceremoney on 19 Feb which raised tensions between the regional leaders of the norther Ethiopian region and the federal govenment.

TPLF have fought against the socialist dictatorship regime of Mengistu Haile Marian in the 90s and tookover his leadership of the country Ethiopia.

TPLF is in control of the Tigray region till August national election, many believe that in the election TPLF has a very low chance of getting elected in the region. Today thousands of supporters were all over the streets of the regional capital, Mekele, for a military style show of local and regional security forces.

Many young Tigrians want to see change and waiting eagrly for the day of election to vote for a new administration. Ethiopia news understands that the current show of force from the region is seen as a sign of weakess among the population. Ethiopia news will keep reporting on the Ethiopian political situation.


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