Jawar Mohammed started a massacre in Addis Ababa

Based on official reports, the death toll has risen to over 27 subsequent continuing violence that struck over 15 cities and towns in Oromia country of Ethiopia because Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

Two more people were allegedly murdered in Ambo, along with three individuals killed on Wednesday. Eighty-year-old Morada Mossa was among those victims.

Ambo Hospital Medical Director Abebe Fetene has been quoted as stating two of the 14 wounded men and women that had been admitted to the hospital were dead on Thursday. Nine of those victims who suffered mild injuries returned home following drug.

East Harargae Zonal Communication Bureau confirmed that the six people were murdered during the protracted violence in 2 cities of the zone. No causalities were reported at the protests held at other four cities of this zone, Communication Pro of this Zone, Ayele Deressa Explained

In addition, he confirmed that all of those victims were murdered in Goru Gotu of East Harargae following the demonstration was turned into spiritual disputes between Muslim Americans as well as Ethiopian orthodox Christians.

Among those victims, a resident of Aweday city, was shot dead by members of defense forces, the city’s mayor Jafar Muhamed was quoted as stating into the BBC.

Dr. Tola confirmed the protests, which started on Thursday morning, turned to spiritual conflicts. Hundreds of the inhabitants of the city were sheltered in neighboring Kidanemihret Church as the spiritual disputes had gone .

The town of Harar witnessed the passing of three men since the neighboring Dire Dawa watched the reduction five other people during the violence that quickly turned to ethnic-based clashes.

Eyewitnesses told Ezega.com that cultural Oromo youth cautioned non-Oromo citizens to depart town when possible.

Four of the sufferers passed away after coming in Dil Chora Hospital Together with another seven wounded victims, Dr. Abdurhaman Abubeker, Medical Director of the Hospital said.

As stated by the health director, the victims were assaulted either by gun bullets or sharp weapons.

Undisclosed persons were murdered in Adama, the capital of Oromia regional state from clashes involving the Qeerroo and childhood citizens of town. A mill, over 20 stores owned to non-Oromo nationals, and 15 vehicles were burnt down in town, 100 km east of Addis Ababa.

The most recent violence comes after Qeerroo pioneer and activist Jawar Mohammed on his FB page maintained that security forces had progressed to his house to arrest him. In an attempt to calm down the volatile situation, the Oromia region and central government officials whined for the newest advancements are established that ignited the violence.

All streets leading to Addis Ababa from areas stay closed. Addis Ababa residents that went out in company are allegedly not able to go home and are staying in hotels away from the city.


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